Learning for Life in Chilliwack
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Some useful books and online or downloadable educational resources are listed below. Many financial institutions, libraries, businesses and organizations also have books on financial literacy topics.

Chilliwack sources include the Fraser Valley Regional Library, local bookstores, banks and credit unions, and Chilliwack Learning Society.

English for Financial Literacy

SettlementatWork WIKI

Manage Your Money Workbook

Enactus – St. Lawrence College, Ontario

Managing Money

Authors: Nan Bostick and Susan Freese

Recipes for an Empty Wallet

Enactus – St. Lawrence College, Ontario

Money Matters

ABC Life Literacy Canada

A Place to Start: Spending Plans

ABC Life Literacy Canada

RESPs and Other Ways to Save

ABC Life Literacy Canada

Financial Literacy for the Family

ABC Life Literacy Canada

Introduction to Basic Budgeting (Each One Teach One)


Registered Retirement Savings Plans and Tax-Free Savings Accounts (Each One Teach One)


Financial Literacy

Canadian Bankers Association

Money and Youth

Canadian Foundation for Economic Education

Credit Counseling Tips

Credit Counseling Society of BC

Online Resources Directory

Financial Empowerment Resources Network (FERN)

Consumer News, Advocacy Information and Reports

Financial Consumer Agency of Canada

Banking for All

Financial Futures Calgary

Financial Empowerment

Prosper Canada

Financial Literacy for Everyone

Practical Money Skills Canada



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